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   Technical Services

Noesis software offers technical services in the sphere's of software development process consulting and software architecure consulting.

Software development process consulting services:

Developer best practices and software development, testing, and project tracking and tools recomendations.

We attempt to help software companies and development departments implement tools and processes so that they are better positioned to produce well tested and properly developed object oriented solutions and applications. This includes developer workshops on object orientation and object oriented programming techniques, training sessions on testing frameworks like MbUint and NUnit and building and configuring integrated build environments using CruiseControl.NET, NAnt or Draco.NET, for further information on continuous integration see this arcticle by Martin Fowler and Matthew Foemmel.

Software technical architecure consulting services:

This is the the structured process of designing and building software applications.

Noesis's software technical architecture services include: forming the development team, performing requirements analysis, forming project scope and vision, building a skeletal software system upon which the team can begin the development process, implementing software design patterns, enforcing developer conformance to the system architecture and team leading the development team through the project life cycle, which for Noesis means the MSF project life cycle.

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