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iProcure is a web based vehicle quoting and procurement work flow system. It allows the procurement department to create requests for quotes, that configured suppliers will be allowed to submit quotes for. When a request is created, lists of suppliers that have been pre-created by the administrators are sent email and sms notifications that there is a new request awaiting their quotes. The request follows many steps through to the conclusion of the work flow and at various stages sms and email notifications are sent out. This system also includes a windows serivice which performs the notification functions as well as the automated work item routing which is required when various timeouts elapse.
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StateSphere is a generic and highly customizable Workflow system. Written in .Net for the web and using technologies like XHTML and AJAX StateSphere allows for any amount of additional information to be tagged to work items which can be of a work type that is also fully customizable . It supports news on the homepage as well as bulletins. It allows attachments to work items, it allows attached documents to be versioned, so that if a user checks out a document, makes changes to it and checks it back in, the original version as well as the new one can be opened. StateSphere supports a plugin system that allows any code to be executed when the user selects the relevant plugin from an opened work item. This means that a link to google can be opened in a new window or a completely new web application can be opened in a new window. What happens is entirely configurable. StateSphere allows the creation of workflow processes, queues, roles, work types, users, teams and actions. Meaning that StateSphere is capable of modeling any business process as a workflow process that business might need.
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IDMe is a windows application written in .Net 3.0 that is a biometric security program. It can link into any number of biometric readers via its hardware plugin system and is fully extensible via its software plugin system. This application allows a set of individuals stored in a target database (either outside or inside the applications control) to be verified via a selected hardware plugin, most often a fingerprint scanner, if a match is found that individuals photo and details are displayed to the security staff member using the application.
SAY data capture application
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The SAY data capture form was designed so that it looked as similar as possible to the paper based questionnaire its based on. This application allows the creation, updating and deletion of SAY membership records captured from the paper forms. The paper based forms arrive in large boxes and are captured by a team of people into the Oracle database via this application.
Report Manager
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The Report Manager application allows the viewing of crystal reports (mostly mining reports, like drill hole reports and project reports) which are easily organized in a tree structure on the left hand side. This application communicates with Sybase and MS SQL Server to draw its reports. The user can extend the system by adding as many additional reports as they require to the customizable report tree.
CQA Reporter
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The CQA Reporter is a simple tool that was developed to solve a reporting timeout problem. They have a database that contains a great many records and they needed a way to report on the database without timeouts (that were frequently experienced by their web portal) CQA reporter solves this problem by allowing the user to select a report and generate it offline (on their desktop pc's) and then to review the results of the report and export the report to MS Excel format.
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